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Do we get team shirts?

YES! All leagues will receive shirts.

For all leagues (unless otherwise specified in your league welcome email), we will ship shirts directly to the team captain (usually the team purchaser). If you're on an individual team, we will assign ONE player as the one responsible for receiving and delivering shirts to your team. This player will often be a person who said they were interested in being the team captain when they registered.

The designated person will receive an email close to the start of the season (shortly after their league welcome email arrives), with instructions for placing the team shirt order. Please be sure to check your spam folder!

Because we cannot guarantee shipments will arrive on time, we ask teams to bring a black AND a white shirt to the first two games.

Note: To make for easier distribution and shipping, shirts are pre-bundled in an array of sizes. We cannot exchange sizes or colors and unfortunately do not have any 2XL or 3XL shirts at this time.

What do I wear if my team did not receive shirts?

In the welcome email to the league, you will receive notice on what our plan is for shirts. If your league is not receiving shirts, we will be asking teams to bring a black and a white shirt to the field each week to avoid teams wearing the same color.


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