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How do I remove a player from my roster?

Unfortunately, this is a limitations of our new league management software. We have to do it for you.

While removing someone from your roster seems like it should be an easy task, for some bizarre reason our new league management software requires an admin to do it for you. Sorry! 

If you need to remove players from your roster, please file a support ticket.

To expedite the process, include your team name and the full names of the people you want to remove from the roster.

Thanks for your patience.

Please note: ZogSports is a small company that serves a large community. Our small team of full time staff coordinates hundreds of leagues each week for thousands of teams in multiple metro areas across the country.

We work very hard to provide the highest quality leagues for our community. There may be delays in our response or resolution to an issue. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

While we know it's tempting, please do not submit another ticket for the same inquiry as that will delay our response time. Thank you!