Where is my schedule?

Schedules are posted after registration ends and roughly 2-7 days before the league beings. You can find your schedule in your dashboard.

To see your personal schedule for all of your teams:

  1. Select LOGIN/SIGN UP
  2. In your dashboard you'll see an option called My Schedule

To see the master schedule for any given league:

  1. Once you're in your dashboard, click the name of the league
  2. On the right, select Schedule
  3. There you'll see the entire master schedule for that league, including the playoff schedule game placeholders. 

Schedules are posted after registration ends and at least a few days before the league begins. You can find your schedule in your dashboard.

The entire league will be notified of the schedule release, along with other important information about the league, in a welcome email. Schedules and welcome emails are generally sent within 2-7 days of your league's advertised start date.

Please note, many of our leagues start at similar times and there are weeks when our staff coordinate schedules for thousands of teams. If your league is scheduled to start soon and you have not received your welcome email please bear with us as we are likely in the midst of building hundreds of schedules.

If there is a delay in the schedule or we need to push the start date of a league back we will email the entire league.

Once published, you can find your schedule by logging into the ZogSports website.

Please note: ZogSports is a small company that serves a large community. Our small team of full time staff coordinates hundreds of leagues each week for thousands of teams in multiple metro areas across the country.

We work very hard to provide the highest quality leagues for our community. There may be delays in our response or resolution to an issue. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

While we know it's tempting, please do not submit another ticket for the same inquiry as that will delay our response time. Thank you!